Binance show darker side in Insults Towards OkEx Pr Girl

A female OkEx employee has been subject to a torrent of abuse from Binance supporters it has been revealed. .

The Ok PR girl was horrifically abused after outing Binance for some misdemeanours on their Binance JEX site. After pointing out their mistake, the OK Pr girl was subject to a strew of online attacks.

Twitter user, @HaeSeongWon1 has championed the cause of the Ok PR girl and tried to show the other side of Binance which is rarely illustrated on their Twitter. The tweets showed the messages in Chinese and gave an explanation of their meaning. Here is an example of one of her tweets:

So what sparked this argument? The answer to this is the K line indient on Binance JEX’s Bitcoin Perpetual Swap candlestick. The K line failed to sow the correct data, with the graph not matching the official statistics.

A third party investigated and found that the BTC/USD swap price line at 4105 USD, a big difference when compared to other top exchanges like OkEx who had it at around 7000 USD. However, Binance Jex it appears changed their K line on the website and had it at 7000 too.

This caused real issues for traders who were potentially left out of pocket by the mistake. Binance were then forced to apologise, although it would seem hollow as their staff member He Yi claimed no one was affected in reply to the Ok PR girl.

This should be of no surprise, especially when  the company’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, so vehemently opposes any form of criticism or negativity. The Block reported that Chinese police raided a Binance Shanghai office but CZ claimed there was no such office. His twitter rant where he called out crypto’s media and exchanges for the mounting negative headlines showed that Binance feels they are above criticism. However, the troubles are there for all to see at Binance.

More problems for Binance

Binance has suffered many poor incidents this year and will no doubt look back on 2019 as somewhat of a year to forget. Hacked in May of this year and also having their customers KYC details leaked online showed a company struggling to contain their security. As a result they dropped out of the latest CryptoCompare rankings for the most trustworthy exchanges.

Accusations of Binance wash trading have surfaced too.Reports have suggested Binance is accused of messing with their statistics on October 23rd, with the figures differing largely from other top exchanges. 

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