Cardano Founder Unveils Roadmap for NFTs

Charles Hoskinson talked about the future Cardano’s NFTs roadmap and noted that NFTs can fulfil the actual use case of Crypto & blockchain technology.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus blockchain network, which is known for its ability to process transactions faster & efficiently. The Cardano blockchain network is highly scalable and in near future devs will introduce the Hydra protocol in the Cardano blockchain to allow transactions at the scalability of up to 1M TPS.

On 26 Dec, During a Twitter space podcast Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) & founder of Cardano blockchain, talked about the present-time use cases of NFTs, for example, tokenized game characters & multiple standardised NFTs which possess different types of benefits for the holders.

Hoskinson noted that NFTs can be easily introduced as a use case in property ownership.

“(NFTs can be used in) a deed of land. Mineral rights. Water rights. Any notion of property rights. In the game (gaming and decentralized finance) space, any notion of your character progressing throughout the game. Your activities within that game. The special powers that you accumulate, all the rewards that you accumulate,” Hoskinson explained.

Further, he also noted that NFTs can be introduced in the certificate ownerships and if we can introduce NFTs in such types of projects then we will be able to make NFTs a revenue system. 

Hoskinson said that we can introduce the Cardano blockchain in the interpretability in the Metaverse & GameFi (decentralized gaming ecosystem) and further it will allow the commercial people to figure out different ways to make different methods to generate revenue. 

Cardano’s founder also noted that many big personalities & brands are using NFTs to connect with their audience, instead of following short video platforms like Tiktok.

In the last, Hoskinson said that he saw huge growth in the NFTs sector & adoption among the big companies is surging rapidly also NFTs inclined devs are showing significant efforts to scale the NFTs use with efficiency.

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