Elliptic to bring efficiency in detecting crypto-threats with ChatGPT

The popular crypto analytic platform Elliptic integrated ChatGPT, to work more efficiently. 

Elliptic is a London-based popular crypto security firm. This firm was founded by James Smith in 2013. Initially, this firm was launched as a cold Bitcoin private key storage platform to keep hackers away. Later this firm expanded its services & now this firm is known for its ability to detect suspicious crypto transactions.

On 2 June 2023, The Elliptic firm announced that its team welcomed ChatGPT for its off-chain intelligence & research-gathering efforts.

Elliptic aims for enhancement in its service, for example, allowing researchers and investigators to tackle new risk factors “in higher volumes and at a quicker speed than ever before.”

The Elliptic CEO Jackson Hull said that ChatGPT can detect those minor & critical risks, which even can’t be identified by humans. So here ChatGPT integration will help Elliptic to scale the crypto intelligence business.

Earlier this, the popular crypto exchange launched a ChatGPT-based customer support agent. The main focus of the AI support agent was to provide easy updates on crypto assets, trade prices & ongoing events under the roof of the empire. 

Around a month ago, Solana Labs, a devs team behind the Solana blockchain network, announced the ChatGPT integration plan with the Solana network.

The announcement confirmed that Solana users will be able to handle their crypto transactions & several transaction tracking features directly with the help of ChatGPT.

In the present time, almost every tech & crypto project team is trying to link its name with AI & ChatGPT, to grab popularity & fame in the crypto sector.

Over the past months, the majority of the AI linked firm’s stock assets are surging rapidly despite bad macroeconomic situations in the world.

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