GREE plans to launch Web3 game with help of Ava Labs

The GREE subsidiary BLRD established a partnership with Ava Labs to work on Web3 tech-based games.

BIRD is a subsidiary of GREE. GREE is a Japanese game house & media company. In the past, GREE grabbed huge popularity in the world with Naruto and multiple mobile versions of Final Fantasy. Now this company is moving toward crypto tech support to bring new experiences for its game products.

On 27 October, the Avalanche project announced that they established a partnership with GREE to help this Game house company to launch its first Web3 game by the next year. 

Ava Labs, a developer team behind Avax coin, will provide full tech support to the Web3 game project and also will help to deploy the game on the Avalanche network. 

“partnership aimed at accelerating BLRD’s growth in blockchain gaming as it plans to launch its first Web3 game in 2023,” the announcement read.

In the present time, more than two dozen Avalanche validators are active, under the support of GREE because the company is now planning to become a primary part of the Avalanche ecosystem & make innovative Web3 games. 

Gamers vs blockchain gaming platforms

In the past, few gaming companies introduced blockchain-powered gaming platforms but the majority of them faced criticism. Many gamers claimed that gaming companies are only working to make money instead to make the gaming ecosystem easy & better to use.

Many gamers said that crypto, blockchain & NFTs don’t have any kind of significant role in the gaming sector, so it is annoying to have such additional things. 

By taking these things under consideration, many gaming companies are working to bring better use cases of blockchain & cryptocurrencies in their games & game platforms, so that users can take better levels of advantages with blockchain gaming.

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