“Hamster Kombat” plans to launch a token on “Ton blockchain” but getting criticism from Iran military 

Iranian official criticises ‘Hamster Kombat’ as Telegram game reaches 200 Million players milestone.

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram-based game where players engage in battles using virtual hamsters. Players can collect, train, and upgrade their hamsters to improve their combat abilities. The game involves strategy, as different hamsters have unique skills and strengths. Players can challenge friends or other users in duels, participate in tournaments, and join clans to compete for rankings. The game combines elements of RPG and strategy, offering an engaging and competitive experience within the Telegram platform.

Recently this game completed nearly 200 million users and notably the majority of the game users are from Iran. This game is also gaining popularity on platforms like YouTube and Twitter. 

Hamster Kombat’s developers plan to launch a token for its game on The Open Network (TON) in July. This follows the success of Notcoin, a similar game that attracted 35 million players and launched its own token, NOT, on TON in May.

Iran & war 

The Iranian government views the game’s rise and its associated crypto rewards as Western influence, problematic amidst Iran’s economic challenges like high inflation and unemployment, and ongoing Western sanctions.

Iran’s deputy military chief, Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari, called the “Hamster” game a part of the enemy’s soft war. He suggested that Western forces are using the game to distract Iranians from the presidential election, preventing them from focusing on the candidates’ plans.

Iran is currently engaged in indirect conflict by supporting Hamas and other militant groups in the ongoing war against Israel. This support is part of Iran’s broader strategy to counter Israeli and US influence in the region. Additionally, Iran is facing internal security issues, particularly in southeastern Iran, due to increasing activity from Salafi-jihadi groups.

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