Now Telegram users can buy, sell & withdraw Bitcoin

The newly updated engineering in Telegram’s wallet bot allows Telegram users to use Telegram as a fully functional crypto exchange.

Telegram Messenger is a globally accessible freemium, cross-platform, encrypted, cloud-based, and centralized instant messaging (IM) service. The services in the Telegram app are highly user-friendly & customizable for businesses to manage customer interaction easily. In 2022, Telegram brought a better version of limited crypto trade service via Telegram through a dedicated bot system.

On 21 April 2023, Telegram’s independent crypto service provider bot team “@wallet” announced that Telegram users now can easily buy, sell & transfer Bitcoin via the Telegram Wallet bot. The new support will also allow Bitcoin purchases via card payments as well as the P2P marketplace.

“You can now buy, withdraw, exchange, and make P2P transactions with BTC directly through our updated web interface. It is now possible to buy Bitcoin using a bank card or the P2P market in the “Buy & Sell” section of our user-friendly interface,” the Telegram Wallet bot announced.

@Wallet team also added a tutorial for the telegram users to use this new feature easily, without getting into any type of confusion.

Ton coin price action

Ton is a native coin of Telegram’s bot Crypto Wallet and the current trade price of this coin is $2.27 & this trade price is 0.29% down over the last 24 hours’ trade price.

Now Telegram users can buy, sell & withdraw Bitcoin 2

Since the beginning, Telegram’s Ton crypto project was under a legal problem with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Initially, Telegram raised around $1.2 billion through Ton coin ICO but later in Q4 2019, the SEC agency charged Telegram over unregistered ICO offerings.
Later in Q2 2020, Telegram decided to return raised funds to the investors & also paid an $18.5 million fine to quit fighting with the SEC agency.

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