Now Telegram will use Toncoin (Ton) as a new payment option for advertisers

Giant chatting app Telegram integrated the use of Ton coin for its advertisers. 

Telegram is a popular P2P messaging service platform, just like WhatsApp. This platform is much better than WhatsApp & other messaging platforms because of multiple features e.g. big file data sharing feature. Currently, this platform provides services to over 900 million monthly active users, with 196 million daily active users. 

On 1 April 2024, Telegram Messenger implemented a new incentive program where Telegram channel owners with significant subscribers can earn 50% of the ad revenue in Toncoin (TON), the platform’s native cryptocurrency which is independent of Telegram. 

Telegram channel owners should have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for this new Ton coin-supported feature.

So here we can say that Telegram now enables users to buy in-platform ads using Ton Cryptocurrency, allowing the promotion of channels with minimal Toncoin investment. 

Telegram chose TON Blockchain, instead of any other blockchain, because it processes transactions at very low fees, high speeds, and transaction capacity. 

With this new updated feature & support, Telegram aimed to empower all of its users to customize their promotions, maximizing ad impact. Telegram pledges to share 50% of ad revenue with channel owners.

Before this, the initial idea of this concept was already revealed by the founder and CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov in Feb of this year. 

Since the initial announcement of this plan, the trade price of the Ton coin surged 110%. The current trade price of Ton coin is $5.23 

Just a few days ago, Justin Hyun, the director of investments at Ton Foundation, appeared in an interview with popular crypto news media. In that interview, he said that small Defi protocols on Telegram called Mini apps may play a vital role in pushing the adoption of crypto & blockchain to the next level.

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