Polygon (Matic) jumps against Worldcoin (Coin) competition with the launch of Humanity Protocol

Now Polygon blockchain network is one of the top competitors of the Worldcoin (WLD) crypto project. 

Polygon (Matic) is a popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto network which is mainly known for multiple blockchain technology-powered tools for use in Crypto & non-crypto sectors. Polygon’s developer firm Polygon Labs has diversity in NFTs, Web3, and digital identity protocols. In India, Polygon has already tied up some government agencies to use the Polygon crypto network for the issuance of certificates & FIR portals. 

Polygon Labs is now a partner with Animoca Brands and The Human Institute for the human verification protocol called Humanity Protocol.

On 20 Feb 2024, Humanity Institute announced the launch of its protocol and with this announcement, this new human palm recognition verification project confirmed that Worldcoin competitors are really powerful.

Animoca Brand shared its happiness in this partnership with Polygon Labs and Humanity Protocol.

It is worth it to note that Human Institute is not an old player in this crypto sector, as there’s not enough information available across the digital world but it seems that crypto entrepreneurs created this institute recently to develop Humanity Protocol

Human verification protocols 

In July 2023, the World Coin (WLD) crypto project entered the crypto sector with the concept of human verification protocol at the time top Ethereum crypto entrepreneur Vitalik Buterin appreciated the WLD crypto project and said that such types of projects are needed in this era of the internet world. 

WLD’s orb device keeps a record of Human eye retina details but with the Humanity protocol, Humanity Institute aimed to distinguish humans & bots using human palm recognition protocol.

However both protocols aim to verify the identity of humans but both of them are in progress with different concepts, so there are huge chances of collaboration between these two teams.

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