Solana (Sol) pumps 22% as Solana Labs unveils “GameShift”

Solana Labs successfully launched GameShift to allow game developers to easily integrate crypto tokens in game projects.

Solana Labs is the developer team behind the popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus-based Solana crypto network. Sol is the native coin of the Solana network. In the last 24 hours, the trade price of Sol coin surged 22% following the beta launch of the GameShift project.

Solana (Sol) pumps 22% as Solana Labs unveils "GameShift" 2

On the evening of 31 Oct 2023, Solana Labs announced the successful launch of GameShift but in the beta phase. That means GameShift is available to use but it may have some glitches that will be fixed after use & reviews by the game developers.

GameShift allows game developers to mint in-game tokens without crypto or Blockchain coding efforts. In short, game developers will be able to integrate the Crypto or non-crypto tokens with their game projects directly without any additional coding efforts.

It will bring opportunities for the game developers as well as for the game players because of the value of gaming tokens. 

According to Solana Labs, GameShift will provide an opportunity for game developers to complete their game asset tokenization within hours with the help of its API system, which usually requires months for the developers to do it manually. 

Interestingly cryptocurrency use will not be mandatory for the game developers as well as gamers to buy, sell, and trade the minted game token. They will be free to use card payments in US dollars. 

Solana Smartphones

In the middle of 2022, Vibhu Norby founded Solana Spaces and also established offline Solana stores in New York & Miami. The main vision of those stores was to grab the attention of crypto & techy people in the offline world & increase the sale of Solana’s crypto features-focused smartphones called “Saga mobile”.

In Feb of this year, Solana Spaces announced the closure of their physical offline stores and confirmed that they failed to grab that level of attraction for what they expected.

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