The Fake Bitcoin Hitman Scam 

The Bitcoin Offerings to Kill

Berlin officials assert that a dumped German man sought out a bitcoin-for-hire hitman after internet witchcraft failed to break up his would-be lover’s relationship. According to reports, the 28-year-old paid a dark web hitman $24,000 in bitcoin to kill his romantic rival. The accused, however, lost all of his bitcoin since it came out that the assassin was nothing more than a front for an internet hoax.

According to local media, the man initially bought many witch curses online in an effort to break up with the woman. But by February of this year, nothing had changed, so he switched to his less miraculous Plan B. On March 7, the accused offered to pay a hitman about $9,000 worth of bitcoin on a website that advertised itself as a mediator for contract killings. The order was placed and the murder was scheduled for March 23 after some price haggling.

The Increased Offer

However, the assassin agency notified the defendant that the hitman he had recently ordered had been apprehended two days before the scheduled execution date. The website’s administrator then offered to send another hitman, but only if the defendant increased his offer to $24,000. The murder was postponed for March 28 after the defendant consented.

But when no such hit materialized, the irate defendant protested to the hitmen on April 3 about their non-performance of the contract. The hitmen exposed the truth about the plan the next day and informed the defendant that he had actually been duped. The accused was then advised by the website’s administrator to impersonate a hired killer online and con unwary victims.

Officials claim that while still looking for another hitman, he accepted the offer. Nevertheless, a journalist soon learned of his plots and gave the German police his information. Later, on April 9, he was detained and accused by the Berlin Regional Court of attempted murder incitement.

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