¾ of crypto holders are also holding NFTs (digital collectibles): Survey

Survey data revealed that NFTs are still in the heart of crypto traders & holders, despite the downfall of the popularity of NFTs in the Crypto world. 

NFTs is a very old concept in the world but grabbed huge popularity in 2019 to 2021 in the Crypto Sector. In Q4 2021, many people claimed that NFTs will result in a bad outcome for Crypto 2022 & 2023, as one of the big reasons for the Cryoto winter phase. In 2023, rarely do people talk about NFTs but still, some popular artists are eagerly bringing their NFTs to their fanbase.

Recently CoinGecko and Blockchain Research lab surveyed the crypto Investors and data findings revealed that 75% of the digital assets holders are also holding NFTs. 

The co-founder of Arcade.XYZ Gabe Frank shared his opinion on this survey data and said that it is showing that the audience for the NFTs sector is more over the crypto holders & traders. 

Pastel Network co-founder Anthony Georgiades said that the number of NFTs holders may suddenly surge because NFTs are easier to understand for pro-crypto Investors as well as normal crypto & internet users. According to Georgiades, it is complicated for people to understand cryptocurrencies Investment, unlike NFTs.

“NFTs certainly are more accessible and palatable than just general crypto overall. It’s easier to jump into the crypto space and ecosystem and just buy an NFT,” Georgiades said.

Further Frank & Georgiades’s collaborative discussion noted that NFTs holders don’t need to depend on the future trade price, unlike Bitcoin & Altcoin holders. 

Frank also pointed out the adoption of NFTs in the practical world e.g property ownership in the real estate sector. He also said that other NFTs uses are surging rapidly in gaming, event exclusives, fashion wear for digital avatars, and gated access to a variety of immersive experiences. In short, the use of NFTs is not limited to online but also people are using in the offline world. 

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