100s of projects are excited to launch, says Hoskinson

The founder of the Cardano project responded to a decentralized music protocol and said that huge numbers of projects are now working to deploy in the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.

Cardano is a popular crypto blockchain network because of its better scalability over other crypto networks. On 23 September, Cardano completed its most important upgrade “Vasil Hardfork”. Now huge numbers of more important development works will happen in the Cardano Blockchain because of new pipelines integration features. 

On the Vasil Hardfork execution date, NEWM, a decentralized streaming music company,  tweeted that they are waiting for Vasil Hardfork in Cardano blockchain because it will bring cost-effective operations for the Protocols.

“We’ve been waiting for #Vasil to deploy our smart contracts. This upgrade makes them more efficient and cost-effective on #Cardano. The future of #music is happening now! More on this soon.”

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano blockchain and CEO of the IOHK developer team, responded and said that around 100s of Crypto projects are waiting to launch on Cardano ahead of Vasil Hardfork.

Impact of Vasil Hardfork

As all of us know very well that Vasil Hardfork has been successfully introduced in the Cardano mainnet and now the developer team is actively working to bring new efficiency supportive features in mainnet.

Soon the network fees will reduce by around 75% over the current transaction fee. Probably it will boost NFTs trade in the Cardano ecosystem and also it will attract more NFTs collections.

The second most important result that we will be able to see is scalability, which will be 1 million TPS. High scalability of Cardano blockchain will be possible via Hydra protocol, layer-2 scaling network of Cardano. 

The final result of the Hydra protocol will be visible in first half of the next year. 

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