22 September is final date for Vasil Hardfork, says Cardano founder

Charles Hoskinson confirmed that Vasil Hardfork in the Cardano mainnet mainnet chain will take place on 22 September.

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-stake model based blockchain network. The primary aim of Cardano project team is to make the network of Cardano as a leading choice at the commercial level and also to provide better scaled identity management solution & NFTs collectible support. 

On 2 September, Charles Hoskinson confirmed through a video session that a major upgrade in the Cardano mainnet blockchain will come on 22 September.

On the same day, IOHK, developer team behind Cardano blockchain, announced that all the core testing has been on the testnet with Vasil Hardfork. 

IOHK also noted that Vasil Hardfork is going to be a most important upgrade in the Cardano Blockchain network because it will introduce a better capacity to the Cardano network and also it will allow the network to process low fees transactions easily, however that will come into notice after the integration of Hydra protocol.

“#Vasil is the most significant #Cardano upgrade to date, bringing increased network capacity and lower cost transactions. The upgrade will also bring enhancements to #Plutus to enable devs to create more powerful and efficient #blockchain-based applications.”

Ahead of Vasil Hardfork, IOHk confirmed that there is no need for any action from Cardano token holders or users because no block process break will take place and also no disruption will occur.

ADA Price

At the time of writing this article, the price of ADA, the native token of the Cardano blockchain, is $0.4738 and this price is 3.34% high over the last 24 hours because of this positive news. 

22 September is final date for Vasil Hardfork, says Cardano founder 2

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