A guy created a $40M market cap holding meme coin with ChatGPT

A person created & launched a meme coin with the help of ChatGPT AI ChatBot.

ChatGPT is a popular Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. OpenAI firm is the founder of this top intelligent ChatBot. In Nov of the last year, this ChatBot was launched, and after that many tech companies show significant interest in the AI tech race. Many crypto companies also allocated a significant amount of funds dedicated to the development of AI chatbots & tools. 

On 3 May 2023, A Crypto Twitter user shared his crypto journey to explain how he succeeded to launch a successful meme coin. 

This guy explained that he was frustrated in his life with his existing performance in the digital art world but with the help of ChatGPT he created a new meme coin “Turbo”. 

Strangely, this guy used this ChatBot to create every main part to design the new coin like naming, branding, coding the smart contract, crowdsourcing funds, launching, etc. 

The current market cap of this coin is $41.6 million and this is continuously increasing since last 24 hours. 

The current trade price of this token is $0.0006030 & this trade price is 2.97% down over the last 24 hours’ trade price. 

A guy created a $40M market cap holding meme coin with ChatGPT 2
Source: dex tools

This is a bitter reality that AI can be used for multiple illegal activities but there is also a sweet fact that some people are exploring better ideas to bring better use cases. 

Here this meme coin maker guy suggested people get motivation through his journey to use ChatGPT in another way to bring better projects.

In the last month, some US-based regulatory bodies took regulatory steps against AI chatbot training to prohibit the misuse of AI technology.

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