Apple’s M-series processors could have dire implications for crypto users

A new research disclosed that MacBook crypto users’ crypto funds are at risk because of Apple’s M-series chipset.

Apple Inc. is a popular luxurious smartphone manufacturing company. This company also manufactures Laptops, TVs, & other digital products. To provide more enhanced services, Apple develops custom chips like the M series for its Macs, enhancing performance and integration with its ecosystem. Alongside, Apple offers services like iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple Arcade.

Recently a deep investigation on Apple’s M-series chipset came to light. This micro-level investigation was first done by Ars Technica and later many US universities re-investigated the vulnerability issue with M-series processors.

According to the research paper, the issue comes from a part of the chip called the data memory-dependent prefetcher (DMP), which is meant to make computing faster. But, this part also unintentionally lets crypto wallet secret keys be taken out during tasks like secure online transactions, which is a big deal for keeping things like cryptocurrencies safe.

This vulnerability is very risky, as the attacker will not be required to access the administrative power of the system as well as currently nom-fixable, due to the hardware-based nature of this challenge.

Researchers noted that it is not a very big issue for sensitive data-related work on MacBook-like devices but a very big issue for those who are using a MacBook to access their crypto wallet.

Now it will be interesting to see how the Apple users will react as well as the reaction by the Apple firm to fight against this challenge.

Apple already has a very controversial relationship with the crypto community, as its app store forced all the crypto apps to remove in-app third-party payment services or native crypto-related unlock feature users.
Many crypto exchanges modified their crypto apps with very limited features & services to comply with Apple’s new guidelines.

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