Cardano blockchain can kick out false social media accounts, Says Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson explained how the Cardano blockchain can solve the issue of false social media accounts, which is a very big problem in the ecosystem of all social media platforms.

Charles Hoskinson is founder of the Cardano blockchain and he is one of the co-founders of the Ethereum project. In the early phase, he left the Ethereum project because his thoughts disagreed with other founders. After leaving the Ethereum project, he launched Cardano blockchain as a rival of the Ethereum project. 

On 6 November, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of the Cardano developer team IOHK, shared his view on the Cardano blockchain to explain how it can help Dogecoin to fight Twitter ecosystem spammers, through a YouTube video update.

Hoskinson explained that the majority of social media platforms try to bring huge numbers of user base but in that flow, they also face an inflow of spammers. 

The Cardano founder talked about the “neutral cross-chain identity tools” on which the Cardano team is working. These tools can verify and collect the data of the users and further can be stored on the Cardano blockchain or Dogecoin” and use a verification-as-a-service API ecosystem.

Further, Hoskinson said that Dogecoin can’t perform the same cross-chain verification work but Dogecoin on Cardano can do the same. 

Cardano founder stated:

“What’s nice about it is if you structure the security model in just the right way, you get immutability, you get censorship resistance because it has the same security properties of the main ledger. It’s a blockchain, so you get audibility.”

On the role of Dogecoin, Hoskinson said that Dogecoin may play an important role to bring users as a promotional part. In this way, Cardano & Dogecoin can solve the problem of social media platforms, and also it will make Twitter a decentralised platform. 

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