Crypto community eager with OpenAI ChatBot to fight against challenges

Majority of the crypto lovers are trying to get entertained with a chatbot created by OpenAI. 

ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI. This ChatBot was launched on 30 November of this year and is also now available for use & test for people. This ChatBot can learn & do conversation more likely a person and also have the ability to detect the wrong questions & refuse to reply. To this date, this ChatBot is now very useful because of some reasons but in the future, it can be used for multiple good works & also maybe for illegal activities. 

A Crypto trader ordered this ChatBot to create crypto assets trade code & also the Chatbot did but it is still unconfirmed about the accuracy of the developed code.

Another crypto trader asked for the development of an API based trading terminal.

One person wrote a crypto investment thesis with Chatbot, just by order.

This ChatBot can also write Blog posts and also can write original songs, as per request.

Few people created smart contracts for Defi protocols but still, there is not 100% surity whether the developed smart contract will work or not perfectly. 

A few experts noted that ChatBot can be used to find vulnerabilities in the smart contract. On the other hand, a few experts noted that bad actors can use this ChatBot to exploit smart contracts. 

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