Former PayPal & Meta executive left everything to build for Bitcoin payment via the lightning network

David Marcus has been engaged in the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem for the last two years, to bring a real decentralised but fast payment service.

David Marcus is a highly talented person, who contributed to several tech projects. He is popularly known for his contribution to PayPal & Meta (formerly Facebook). David was unaware of Bitcoin-like things but the whole game changed when Bitcoin price surged rapidly, following a ban type regulatory action on PayPal.

Marcus revealed that Bitcoin price surged rapidly when Argentina’s regulatory body ordered PayPal to stop providing cross-border payment services. Later, Marcus attended some Bitcoin conferences, at the time the Bitcoin community was very small, to know more about Bitcoin.

This former PayPal talent was planning to use the Bitcoin network in Meta’s Libra project but he failed, as Meta was planning to fully centralise stablecoin, which is a usual thing for any stablecoin in the Crypto market.

In 2021, Marcus left Meta & started to work focused on providing solutions for the Bitcoin Lightning Network users. In the same year, he launched Lightspark to complete his dream to make decentralized payment systems on the Bitcoin network easier & better.

In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Marcus said that his firm provides software and development tools meant to make accessing the Lightning Network easier, such as its software development kit to help businesses offer Lightning wallets to their customers and Lightspark Predict, which identifies the best-performing Lightning nodes and can route transactions to them.

According to Marcus, it is better to use a fully decentralized network, instead to create or go with centralized networks. With this motive of Bitcoin’s decentralized network adoption push his company is doing well.

Furthermore, Marcus admitted that there are some issues & challenges with the lightning network but he confirmed that his firm can tackle all those challenges & problems. 

In the recent month, the surge in on-chain activities on the Bitcoin network because of Bitcoin ordinals (BRC-20), the Bitcoin network saw very high traffic & many crypto exchanges were failing to give Bitcoin withdrawals at low fees. 

The top-ranked crypto exchange Binance confirmed that it will bring lightning network support to the Binance platform. 

Marcus also believes that the adoption of the Lightning Network will surge rapidly in the incoming years, as Bitcoin prices will surge & also Bitcoin users will surge, so in that situation lightning will be the solution to handle the traffic.

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