Google Play Store welcomes Crypto NFTs apps officially

Popular app Store Google Play officially confirmed that NFTs related to all kinds of applications are allowed to launch in Google’s app store.

Google Play is an Android app store, which remains available in every Android smartphone, except in some jurisdictions like China. For a long time, crypto, blockchain & NFTs have been available in the Google Play store. In the last couple of years, the Google PlayStore team removed huge numbers of crypto-related apps, which were reported as suspicious or related to any kind of ponzi investment schemes.

On 12 July 2023, Google PlayStore product manager Joseph Mills confirmed that Google Play updated its policy for the crypto NFTs applications. 

All NFTs applications are free to provide an inbuilt NFTs loyalty system, which means people will be able to use unique NFTs to redeem for other NFTs, money, or other premium services within the app. 

The latest announcement also confirmed that gambling-like activities are strictly prohibited.

This latest announcement confirmed that Alphabet is open to adopting blockchain as well as the Crypto sector but in several small phases. 

In 2022, luxurious smartphone manufacturer Apple Inc. forced every NFTs-related app to pay a 30% Commission against every NFTs trade within the app. 

So here we can say that Google is allowing the NFTs apps to openly provide fair NFTs trade services, unlike Apple.

Here the latest updated policy clearly ordered all the app owners/developers to provide clarity over their crypto & NFTs services, whether they are providing NFTs trade or any kind of investment-like activities so that Google Pay can easily confirm whether the app is allowed under the Google Play Store’s privacy policy or not.

Earlier this Google Cloud established a partnership with Bitcoin blockchain lightning network infrastructure provider Voltage.

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