Japanese gaming company Konami hires crypto talents

Konami is planning to expand its ecosystem in the crypto sector through new talents hiring for its existing team. 

Konami Group Corporation is a popular Japanese entertainment conglomerate and video game company. Alongside the video game developer and publisher, the company also produces and distributes trading cards, anime, tokusatsu, pachinko machines, slot machines, and arcade cabinets. So the company’s business is expanded in many sectors.

Last week, Through a Press Release, Konami announced that the company is now hiring crypto talents for the company, to expand the ability & potential of the company in NFTs, Metaverse & crypto. 

The company also stated that it will focus on system construction and service development through the new hiring, which will further work on the integration of Web3 with Metaverse.

Alongside these development works, the company will also focus on research and development in the blockchain & crypto technology introduction in the gaming sector. And also the company intends to launch an NFTs trade platform, which will be helpful for its NFTs-supported gaming ecosystem. 

Gaming industry vs Crypto 

In the last couple of years, many gaming companies showed their inclination toward crypto & blockchain technology. The majority of the gaming companies introduced NFTs-based characters & character wearable items for the games.

Most of the gamers criticized such steps by the gaming companies and said that gaming companies want to make money for nothing because NFTs & crypto are only annoying things, which are not needed to introduce in the gaming sector.

Due to such increasing criticism, few gaming companies planned to bring a much better & more useful crypto & crypto-related technology support in a separate new gaming platform, so that gamers can understand the value of blockchain technology in real manners. 

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