Now Cardano Will Authenticate Quality Of Georgian Wine

The biggest Proof-of-stake crypto project Cardano established a partnership with the Georgian National Wine Agency.

Cardano is a popular crypto project, which aims to make the Cardano Blockchain network a leading choice among businesses in the payment system. In short, it is a commercial crypto project, unlike Ethereum. Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano and he is one of the co-founders of the Ethereum blockchain.

On 15 September, Cardano Foundation, the organization behind the Cardano project, announced that the Cardano team established a partnership with Georgian National Wine Agency plus the Bolnisi Winemakers Association and Scantrust.

This partnership will allow the Wine Agency to use the technology of the Cardano blockchain to allow the customers to trace the details of wine bottles & cans.

Cardano foundation said:

“(Cardano will help) create a solution on the Cardano blockchain to ensure the quality and authenticity of Georgian wine.”

The Vice President of Engineering, Cardano Foundation, Mel McCann, also shared his happiness on this new collaboration of the Cardano team and said that it is a proud moment for the whole team because Cardano is working to help & solve real problems via the use of its technology.

Further Vice president said:

“(Cardano) will provide transparency and authenticity for wineries and customers from point of harvest to point of consumption ( via product authentication technology).”

The initial rollout of the new solution of Cardano will take place in the Bolnisi region, which also includes the local consumers & export areas.

Under the collaboration, the Wine agency will implement a unique Barcode for each production unit and it will help the customers to easily scan & trace all the historic details within a few seconds.

ADA coin

ADA is a native coin of the Cardano blockchain and the current price of this coin is $0.47 and this price is 2.14% over the last 24 hours’ trade price.

Now Cardano Will Authenticate Quality Of Georgian Wine 2

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