Telegram founder says crypto-like technology may help to fight against gov’t surveillance

Pavel Durov claimed that government agencies want to monitor people’s internet activity against their fundamental right to privacy.

Telegram is a highly secured & encrypted instant messaging platform which can be easily used to send big media files with more ease & more freedom. Telegram bot services help to maintain the Telegram group ecosystem with more ease for group admins to fight against spammers. This platform was founded by Pavel Durov and Nikolai Durov in 2013. 

On 17 April 2024, Pavel Durov appeared in an interview with Tucker Carlson. In the interview, Pavel disclosed that government agencies are continuously trying to suppress the private exchange of information.

He said that the world is getting less friendly. Governments are becoming less okay with privacy. This is happening because they have more technology to keep an eye on things.

Pavel believes that such surging government surveillance on citizens is going to push innovations around hardware devices dedicated to secure communications. 

He explained that secure communication devices can be made just like decentralised crypto wallets. 

Telegram co-founder disclosed that the United States law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), tried to force Telegram to install backdoors for surveillance purposes.

Pavel praised the UAE as the best jurisdiction for those entrepreneurs fighting for privacy and anti-surveillance.

He said that the country in question is relatively small and aims to maintain friendly relations with all nations without aligning itself geopolitically with any major superpowers. This neutrality is seen as advantageous for hosting a platform that values user privacy and freedom of speech. 

In short, Telegram co-founder believes that countries which are big in terms of power are not better places for those people who want privacy but at the same time he believes innovations will soon come to light to bring blockchain technology-powered messaging platforms to fight such challenges.

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