Coinbase will add Lightning network support for Bitcoin

Brian Armstrong confirmed that his crypto company will support Bitcoin payment via a lightning network. 

Bitcoin is the first digital currency of the world and this digital currency runs on Proof-of-work (PoW) consensus, an inefficient model over modern consensus. To overcome the issues of Bitcoin network scalability, Bitcoin community developers launched the Bitcoin lightning network to provide Bitcoin payment instantly at a very low cost. 

On 8 April 2023, Bitcoin maximalist Wicked took to Twitter and said that American publicly listed crypto company Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong never talked about the Bitcoin lightning network in the past.

According to Wicked, Armstrong ignored the lightning network concept for Bitcoin, which is a very important tech to push Bitcoin adoption. 

Coinbase’s CEO responded and confirmed that in the past he talked about the Bitcoin lightning network but his Twitter comments have been deleted, as his tweets auto-delete after a few months. 

Further, he confirmed that the lightning network concept is great and surely Coinbase will integrate it.

Bitcoin bull business intelligence firm MicroStrategy’s former CEO Michael Saylor also responded to this discussion and tweeted a bullish comment with a lightning sign. 

A crypto Twitter user suggested Coinbase CEO bring Bitcoin lightning network support as soon as possible because the US regulatory bodies are not targeting this concept, which allows real-time payment at almost zero transaction fee. 

Last month, Coinbase exchange announced its Layer-2 blockchain network, Base. Through the Base, the Coinbase team aimed to provide a better level of efficient transaction for all the flagship crypto networks and also aimed to solve the challenges associated with traditional layer-2 blockchain networks.

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