Twitter working on a crypto “wallet prototype”

Reportedly the developer team of Twitter is working on a crypto deposit & withdrawal feature.

Twitter is a popular social media platform, which doesn’t require any kind of Introduction. In the present time, Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms for the crypto industry. Due to the inclination of huge numbers of crypto users, Twitter worked on different kinds of crypto-related features.

On 25 October, a popular tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong informed the crypto community that Twitter devs are working on a “wallet prototype”, to introduce a crypto deposit & withdrawal feature on Twitter.

Earlier this, in September 2021, Twitter introduced Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum (ETH) tipping features, so that Twitter users can give tips to their favorite creators. Few reports noted that there is a possibility that the Twitter team may be planning to introduce a native crypto wallet, So there are chances that Twitter aimed to improve its tipping features with an enhanced crypto ecosystem. 

Twitter, NFTs & Elon Musk

In early of this year, Twitter introduced the NFTs support feature. Through the new support, all blue tick verified Twitter users can use their NFTs collectibles as a showcase on their profile photo.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to the NFTs support feature of Twitter and criticized the company. Musk said that the company should focus on the actual problems to make the ecosystem better for the users. 

At present, Musk is under a deal to acquire Twitter and turn it into a free speech platform. It is expected that the Tesla CEO will acquire Twitter at a cost of $44 billions.

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