Wix partners CoinGate to allow e-commerce businesses to accept Crypto payment

Wix integrated the popular Crypto payment platform to allow customers to accept digital assets in the form of payment as an option. 

CoinGate is a popular Crypto payment platform, alongside Bitpay, MoonPay, etc. This Crypto payment platform was founded in 2014 and right now through its services customers can accept Bitcoin along with 70+ flagship Crypto assets easily. Wix is basically a blog website, which provides huge numbers of options for the customers to set-up their normal blogs to e-commerce platform easily.

On 10 Jan 2023, CoinGate announced that its platform completed the integration work with So now Wix-based e-commerce companies from German, Lithuanian, Dutch, and Spanish will be able to accept payments in cryptocurrencies from customers. 

Wix shop businesses will easily get all the Crypto payments instantly in the form of fiat currencies like EUR, USD, or GBP. In short, here price volatility will not play any negative role. 

Justas Paulius, CEO of CoinGate, said that the latest development work will help online businesses to take advantage of the Crypto sector and also will allow them to attract those customers who don’t own traditional bank accounts but have exposure to Cryptocurrencies. 

CoinGate CEO said:

“Our goal is to give all people a way to participate in global economies, regardless of whether they own a bank account or use credit cards while providing merchants with a convenient way to serve them. I believe our partnership with Wix brings us one step closer to our goal.”

Recently CoinGate reported that despite a downfall in the price of Crypto assets, the company saw a significant increment in Crypto payments volume on its platform, which was 60% over last year. Such data findings are showing that Crypto payment-based services are now changing into suitable payment options for online businesses.

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