Bitcoin Price Forecast: BlackRock could cause BTC price to rise to $773,000

Bitcoin Price Forecast: According to the InvestAnswers The BTC price could soon gain a lot of momentum. But how do the analysts come up with this statement?

The analysts’ forecast is one of the most bullish Bitcoin price forecasts ever made. However, this forecast does not seem so implausible if you look at the financial giants Blackrock includes:,

Last week, the world’s largest asset management firm BlackRock announced that it would offer Bitcoin trading and custody solutions for institutional investors. For this, BlackRock is working with Coinbase Prime.

The Power of BlackRock

An analyst from InvestAnswers claims that the partnership between the two financial giants will lead to a real explosion of the Bitcoin price could result. According to the analyst, it is possible that the Bitcoin price up to 773,000 US dollars in the long term will increase.

The presenter of InvestAnswers explained to the 443,000 subscribers that after a BlackRock investment, the Bitcoin market capitalization has increased by at least a trillion US dollars could increase. According to the analyst of the channel, the BTC price could therefore reach $ 98,000 in the short term. This forecast corresponds to a Price increase of 326 % compared to the current state:

“If BlackRock 0.5 % of the assets under management would invest in Bitcoin, would the market capitalization of BTC will increase by $ 1.05 trillion. This would increase the BTC price by about $ 75,000. Then the Bitcoin price, which is currently around $ 23,000, would reach about $ 98,000. This represents an increase of 326% compared to the current price. This is very, very realistic…”

Bitcoin: A picture of

Bitcoin Price Forecast: $773,000 as a long-term goal

TheInvestAnswers analyst further argued that if BlackRock, which has $10 trillion in assets, invests 1% of this sum in BTC, the Bitcoin rate could exceed $ 150,000:

“If BlackRock now invests a share of 1%, which of course takes time, it would increase the market capitalization by about $ 2.1 trillion, increase the price by $ 150,000 and thus bring the BTC price to $ 173,000. The return in this case (calculated from the current price) would be 652%”

According to the analyst, it is possible that the Bitcoin rate will reach $ 773,000 if BlackRock invests 5% of the capital. If you look at the current BTC price (about 23,000 US dollars), then this forecast seems quite exaggerated. However, with enough time, this price target will actually become a reality. In the next 3 to 5 years, the capital necessary for this is to flow into the largest cryptocurrency in the world:

“If, as analyst Dan Tapiero said, BlackRock invests 5%, which I think is very aggressive, then the price target is realistic. Maybe in time, maybe in the next three to five years, it will be possible. In this case, the price of Bitcoin would rise quite slightly to $ 773,000 over the next three to five years.”


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