US States ask Cardano (ADA) to develop blockchain voting platform

Reportedly the US States are in talks with the Cardano Foundation to develop a transparent blockchain voting platform. 

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-stake (PoS) crypto network which is mainly known for its high-level development activities, unlike other crypto projects which remain engaged in promotional activities. Notably this crypto project team never follows the crypto trend, instead, remains focused on those works which can help the Cardano blockchain to be useful at the commercial level.

In a recent interview with Dailycoin, Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard said that the US state authorities are looking toward more transparency in the election voting system.

Gregaard said that these US state authorities approached the Cardano Foundation to develop a blockchain solution to provide a transparent blockchain technology-powered voting system.

Cardano Foundation CEO also hinted that the UK’s authorities are also looking toward a similar kind of solution. 

Gregaard also confirmed that the Cardano Foundation is currently assessing the feasibility of the solution within the timeframe desired by the states. However, the CEO concluded the interview without disclosing the number or names of the states involved in the discussions.

Now it will be interesting to see whether the US authorities will talk on this matter publicly or they will take steps without any disclosure in the public domain.

Some reports claimed that the Cardano Foundation will face significant competition if the government agencies approach the other Crypto teams e.g. Solana (Sol). 

It is worth it to note that Cardano’s backend team introduced multiple developments around the Cardano blockchain to remain in full compliance with the regulatory bodies and also they maintained their financial activities isolated from Venture Capitalists (VCs), to make the distribution of ADA coin just like Bitcoin. 

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